Bulletproof FAQ

Who needs bullet proof? 

Financial institutions check cashing facilities, pay day , pawnshops ,money transmittal companies and any businesses that need to protect employees and behind the counter assets.

Why bullet proof walls?

Bulletproof walls provide simple inexpensive security and protection for your assets and employees.

Will it cost less to use building materials instead of bulletproof material?

In the long run it will cost much less for bulletproof materials. Our materials are certified bulletproof, and can be reused or sold to another location.

Should I bullet proof the top or bottom half?

To provide complete security both top and bottom should be completely secure.

Should I use bulletproof glass or acrylic?

Glass will last longer, is scratch resistant and can be reused if necessary.

Can I just buy the material from City Light and install it myself?

City Light will design, manufacture to your specifications and deliver to your site.

Do I need a vestibule?

Some Crime Prevention insurance requires that one door be closed between the lobby and secure cage area (vestibule). Please consult with your insurance agent.

What Is Bullet Resistant glass?

Bullet Resistant Glass is a composition of glass sheets and plastic films that are bound together in an autoclave. This process is called lamination. The finished product is a single piece of laminated glass and plastic film that will vary in thickness in accordance to the protection level that is required and ranges from 15 mm to 65 mm (0.6 in to 2.6 in.)

Why Use Bullet Resistant Glass?

To stop bullets from penetrating the glass windows in vehicles and buildings! It provides protection against armed attacks from terrorists, robbers, hit men and criminals in general — from a plain street assault with a hand gun (.22 mm, .38 special, .357/.44 magnum)to an all out attack with a 7.62 mm M-14 rifle. Whatever the level of protection, we can produce the required composition to insure maximum security.

Who Needs Bullet Resistant Glass?

The end-users of our glass range from world leaders (The Pope, Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc.), to private businessmen and their families who are in need of superior ballistic protection as well as the highest optical quality of bullet resistant glass available in today’s market. We also provide our product to our armed services men and women for their protection against constant danger.

Who Can Purchase Bullet Resistant Glass?

It is perfectly legal to purchase and install Bullet Resistant Glass Systems in the United States. No Police or government permit is required. We do suggest contacting your local building/fire inspector with regards to building codes, inspections or permits may be required.
How Large Can Bullet Resistant Glass Be Made?
We can custom-manufacture Bullet Resistant Glass to most sizes you specify. However, size comes with weight! In most cases Bullet Resistant Glass is used to replace glass from an existing window, either on a vehicle or in a building. The sizes range from around 24″ x 55″ to 48″ x 96″. Large Bullet Resistant Glass Units are very heavy, making shipping and safe installation much more difficult! Larger sizes are available for special applications.

What Is Spalling?

Spalling is the exit of glass in transparent armor glazings toward the protected side during an attack. Security glazing’s can defeat the threat and still allow spalling whether limited or not. Anti-spalling requirements for glazing’s fall within two levels: Low Spalling (allowing for a limited amount of glazing loss), and No Spalling (allowing for no glazing loss).

What Type of Ballistic Threats Do You Provide Protection For?

We provide both Flat Sheet and Curved Ballistic Resistant Glass Clad in different protection levels: from Level 1 stopping handguns such as.9mm & .357 Magnums at .825″ thick to Level 8 Armor Piercing Protection from a 7.62 M14 Rifle at 2.5″ thick. And we have 3″ glass for 50 CAL BALL, and 4″ glass for 50 CAL AP. Please refer to our bulletproof FAQ pages for details.

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